ESPRESSO (EStimation of PRotein ExpreSsion and SOlubility) is a sequence-based predictor for estimating protein expression and solubility.

ESPRESSO provides useful information to the two questions.
1. Can a sequence be expressed in Escherichia Coli expression system?
Can a sequence be contained in soluble fraction in Escherichia Coli expression system, wheat germ cell-free system, and Brevibacillus expression system?
2. Which sequence should be modified to improve protein expression/solubility ?
3. Which amino acid in a sequence should be mutated to improve protein expression/solubility ?
(This function is supported by the motif based prediction.)

All the users (including academic users and profit users) can use ESPRESSO for free.
The confidentiality of submitted data is not guaranteed. If you want to predict highly confidential data you have, please contact us (E-mail: noguchit(at)my-pharm(dot)ac(dot)jp).